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Ryan Reaves' 7Five Brewing Co. Releases Grim Reaver

Club World 360 71 Feb 10

  • 7Five Brewing Co.’s Grim Reaver is a smooth, rich black stout with notes of lightly roasted coffee and dark chocolate.
  • Grim Reaver and the rest of the 7Five beer family are all brewed at Able Baker Brewing in Downtown Las Vegas.
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For the past three years, 7Five has taken its fans on a journey. Inspired by the heart of Las Vegas, 7Five Brewing Co. has told the parallel journey of our fine city and the career of Co-Founder Ryan Reaves.

Ryan Reaves' 7Five Brewing Co. - Grim Reaver
7Five Brewing Co. – Grim Reaver

The story of the underdog rising to greatness is one that never ends, but today we highlight a new chapter. That of greatness, triumph, and confidence.Grim Reaver, an Imperial Stout launching today, is the beer that inspired the 7Five journey. It’s inspired by a mentality of harnessing your greatness to face off with what life throws at you – whether you’re hitting the ice, your next shift at the hospital, or even heading into a first date. It’s that quiet confidence we can all channel as we hit the ground running. We see it every time Reavo hits the ice:

“Really, Grim Reaver was what started all of this. It may go without saying, but I’m more excited to launch this Stout than I think I have been with any of our brews,” said Reaves. “It’s personal. We’re heading into battle. I’m in the Grim Reaver mentality. We’re channeling our greatness and are focused on the goal.”

A smooth, rich black stout with notes of lightly roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Dry, yet rich and deceptively smooth, like the calm before the storm we need to build up to that moment of greatness.“This heavy, but oh-so-smooth Stout rounds off our current portfolio very nicely. She’s rich and chocolatey with a touch of roasted coffee – a really nice addition. We’ve been anticipating launching Grim Reaver since 7Five started and now that it’s live we can look to the future and what comes next – big things, you can bet on it,” said 7Five Co-Founder Adam Coates.Grim Reaver and the rest of the 7Five beer family are all brewed at Able Baker Brewing in Downtown Las Vegas. The brew features layers of Munich and chocolate malts with roasted barley and oats, equally heady on the palate as it is on the nose. Grim Reaver is available in draft at select establishments as well as 16-ounce 4-pack cans; with a 7.5-percent ABV and 40 IBU.  Be one of the first to try Grim Reaver on draft at the Able Baker brewpub alongside its other brews: Dawn Breaker, Training Day, and Shiver Giver.


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About Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves is a Canadian-American professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League (NHL). He has previously played for the St. Louis Blues and Pittsburgh Penguins.

About 7Five Brewing Co.

7Five Brewing Co. is a craft beer company produced in Las Vegas, founded by childhood friends and business partners Ryan Reaves and Adam Coates. Its products tell the story of Reaves’ journey through professional hockey and his life and represent the underdog and hardworking stories and culture that the people of Las Vegas are proud of. Its current lineup of brews includes Dawn Breaker Lager, Training Day Golden Ale, Shiver Giver IPA, and the newly unleashed Grim Reaver Imperial Stout. It is “Beer Worth Fighting For.” For more information, visit their website and connect socially on Instagram and YouTube.

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